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2022.10 Staff Photos-21.jpg

George Bedlion

Senior Pastor

2022.10 Staff Photos-08.jpg

Josh Hatlestad

Senior Executive Pastor

2022.10 Staff Photos-09.jpg

Stu Collins

Executive Pastor of Discipleship & Student Ministries

2022.10 Staff Photos-18.jpg

Ryan Berger

Creative Arts Pastor

2022.10 Staff Photos-12.jpg

Jon Carothers

High School Director

2022.10 Staff Photos-06.jpg

Brooklin Hoanshelt

Executive Assistant

2023.11 Staff Photo.jpg

Keith Cantrell

Assistant Facilities Lead

2023.09 Staff Photos-1.jpg

Taylor Berger

Coffee Shop Coordinator

2022.10 Staff Photos.jpg

Sarah Parker

Junior High Director

2022.10 Staff Photos-22.jpg

Katie Larkin

Connections Director

2022.10 Staff Photos-05.jpg

Pam Nordstrom

Office Manager

2022.10 Staff Photos-04.jpg

Elizabeth McGriff

Early Childhood Director

2022.10 Staff Photos-10.jpg

Matt Woodside

Technical Director

2022.10 Staff Photos-11.jpg

Kate Smith

Outreach Director

2022.10 Staff Photos-20.jpg

Michele Collins

VBS & Kids Director

2022.10 Staff Photos-2.jpg

Robbie Woodside

Facilities Director

2022.10 Staff Photos-24.jpg

Christy Laverty

Bookkeeping & HR Director

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