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Sunday Morning Groups

Sunday morning groups are focused on building relationships and community while creating disciples of Christ. We encourage you to come to a weekend service and then attend one of these groups to dive deeper in your faith.

Young at heart

Sundays at 10:15a
Pioneer Chapel

Come join us for a tight knit community of those 50 years and older. In this class, you'll hear an encouraging teaching and sing traditional hymns.

The Journey

Sundays at 10:15a
Room 114, downstairs

Come join this group for any age, dedicated to studying the Bible and growing together. This class goes through various Bible studies throughout the year.

Apologetics Class

Coming soon

Are Science and Faith Compatible? 
Everything about Christianity depends on the historical record of the life of Jesus of Nazareth. Can that record be trusted? This course answers that question and makes the case for the historical and textual reliability of Jesus.

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