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Come join us for Summer Camp 2024 on August 12th-16th! You can register below, or for those registered, you'll also find all the information needed to make sure your student has an amazing time! If you'd like to help raise funds for your or other students, you can participate in our Serve-A-Thon!

Use code 'EARLYBIRD2024' by June 30th for $100 off!

Camp Registration Info

Paperwork & Payment

You need to check off a few things before dropping your student off at the campground! For your student to participate in the camp, we need:

  1. Bethany’s Guardian Permission Waiver

  2. Black Diamond Participation Guardian Waiver

  3. Med lists/food allergies

  4. Remaining fee (if not paid in full)

Please check your email for “checklist” updates. If you have something turned in, the checklist will have ‘COMPLETED’ next to it and a ‘NEEDED’ if this is something we still need from you. Your remaining fee, if you have a balance, can be paid using the link sent to the email given at the time of registration. Your remaining amount will be next to the ‘remaining fee’ on the checklist.

Once all waivers, information, and payment is paid in full, you will get a ‘Good to go!’ email, which will have ‘COMPLETED’ next to all things on the checklist as well as all the information below:

  • Camp Address

  • Camp Drop off

  • Meds/supplement instructions

  • Camp pick up

  • Emergency contact information

  • What to leave behinds (like cell phones, as for safety we have a no cell phone policy for campers)

  • Packing list

  • And reminders of most forgotten things


We know all the paperwork and checklists can be annoying, and sometimes mistakes are made, so we appreciate your participation and patience.

*Make sure you don’t forget anything; top forgotten items are always towels, a pillow, a toothbrush, and a water bottle. It's gonna be warm and sunny, so we gotta ‘hydrate so we don’t die-drate’. And just as a seasoned Bethany students camper, pack a couple snacks and money for the snack shack!*


Drop off/Pick up

Drop off: Monday, August 12th, check in time is 4p at Black Diamond Camp


Pick up: Friday, August 16th at 1p at Black Diamond Camp


Black Diamond Camp
19830 SE 328th PI Auburn, WA 98092



For your students’ and other students’ safety, it’s part of Bethany Students’ protocol to sign in all medication/supplements, no matter what they may be. This ensures they get the correct dosage, take them at the right time, and stay safe. A form for meds and the proper dosage is provided. You will write the student’s name, the name of the med/supplement when they need to take it, how many times a day, if necessary, and the directions. The nurse will be at meal times and have a station set up in the morning and evening to care for each student’s needs. Pro tip: only pack the necessary amount needed for camp.


In Case of Emergencies
An emergency phone number will be provided to call in the case of an emergency.


Updates and Photos
Sign up for our remind to get updates, reminders and last minute changes and follow us on facebook and instagram to see pictures of our camp adventures and fun!

High School

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Junior High

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Reg Info

Camp Rules

**Breaking marked rules could lead to dismissal. In the event of a dismissal, parents/guardians will be contacted to immediately pick up the student.

General Rules

  • Don’t go anywhere alone, take a buddy and a leader.

  • No coupling off. Don’t be alone with your significant other or another person, no matter the relationship status.**

  • Stay in public spaces within where a cabin leader or volunteer can see you.

  • Don’t go off the campgrounds or places not reserved for Bethany Students.**

  • Follow the camp schedule and the timeline given by camp volunteers and leaders.

  • No swearing or offensive language.

  • No camp romances or public displays of affection (PDA)

  • Don’t bring anything unnecessary to club or rec times. Leave crafts and other items in your cabin or at the craft station. (bibles, notebooks, pens and water bottles are OK)

  • Respect others personal boundaries, space, feelings, personal belongings, and time**

  • No violent behavior (hitting, slapping, punching, or tackling, etc.)**

  • You can't touch, take, or go through other people’s belongings.**

  • Do not go into or look into an opposite genders cabin or a cabin or bathrooms that you aren't assigned to.

  • Be present at scheduled activities and locations as per the schedule. There will be daily free time to do other activities.**

  • The Common Sense Rule: If you're unsure whether something is allowed or not covered in the rules, please ask a leader or the camp director for clarification. Additionally, if you identify a loophole in the rules and exploit it, resulting in potential harm to yourself or others, and it violates any of the established guidelines, this may warrant removal from the camp.

General Tips

  • Remember to wear sunscreen/sunblock.

  • Make a new friend!

  • Be on time, even a little early!

  • Hydrate so you don’t DIE-drate.

  • Personal hygiene is important! Daily showers and brushes are important.

  • Find your cabin table for mealtimes, look for your labeled tables or cabin leaders. Family style meals!

  • Only pee in camp toilets...thanks.


Swimming Pool Rules

  • You need to pass a swimming test before having full access to swimming activities.
  • Please listen to the lifeguards and staff around campus.

  • No going into the pool outside of the set swimming hours (students will be given these times)**

  • Remember to bring a bathing suit cover-up for the ladies and a shirt for the gentlemen when walking to and from the pool. While in the pool, wearing a shirt or cover-up is optional.

  • Shoes must be worn on the way to and from the pool. (If we have to keep reminding you, this could be a phone call home, and potentially cause for removal.)**


Camp Wind-Down Time

  • ​You will be given a period of time to get ready for bed, fill water bottles, chat and relax for around an hour at the end of the day before lights out. This is not a time to be out of your cabins.

  • Once lights out time comes, it really does mean lights out. Please be respectful of the people in your cabin wanting to take advantage of this time. No talking or doing things that cause noise or disruption to others.

  • No sneaking out or leaving the cabin past lights out.**

  • In the morning before breakfast, stay in cabins or feel free to be in designated spots (like the student led morning devotional or in area around cabins)


Items Not Allowed

  • Cell phones/gaming electronics.

  • Weapons of any kind (This includes pocketknives & pepper spray)

  • Drugs/alcoholic substances.

  • If you brought any items/things/substance you weren’t supposed to, turn it into a leader
    or camp director. You will not get in trouble for bringing them forward.

Camp Rules

Packing List


  • Deodorant

  • Shampoo/conditioner

  • Body wash

  • Toothbrush/toothpaste

  • Face wash

  • 3 towels (one for lake, showers, and rec)

  • Hairbrush

  • Hair ties if you need them

  • Shower shoes

  • Lotion

  • A shower bag to carry items to and from the shower



  • Flip flops/water shoes  to walk to and from pool

  • Appropriate Swimsuit (if you have to ask the question 'is it appropriate?', it’s probably not)

  • Swimsuits cover up (for walking to and from lake)

  • Either a top or T-shirt and bottoms or a dress (No holes or see-through)



  • Clean shirts, shorts, pants, socks, underwear for 5 days (Shorts need to cover at minimum, three fingers below the bottom)

  • Clothes for rec (athletic clothing, t-shirts, shorts, yoga pants, clothes you can run around/play in)

  • Sandals/flip flops/shower shoes

  • Sneakers (for rec)

  • Socks (you probably want a couple extra pairs)

  • Sweatshirt or jacket for nighttime

  • Pajamas

  • Sweatpants

  • An outfit you can get dirt on or throw away


  • Sunscreen

  • Aloe vera if you burn easily

  • Cash for snack shack (credit/debit cards or apple pay won’t be offered as a form payment)

  • Bible

  • Journal

  • Pens

  • Flashlight

  • Chapstick

  • Sunglasses

  • Pillow

  • Sleeping bag or blanket

  • A bed sheet for over mattress (twin) *highly suggested*

  • Water bottle

  • Prescription meds if you take them (pack what you need for the trip in plastic baggies, not the whole bottle/prescription, is suggested)

  • Sunglasses

  • A couple snacks for throughout the week

  • White noise machine if needed

  • Disposable camera (optional)

  • Fan


Leave Behind

  • Cell Phone

  • iPod/music devices

  • Laptop/iPad

  • Gaming equipment

  • A Bad attitude

  • Wallet

  • Pocket Knives, drugs, alcohol, etc.

Packig List

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long are your services?
    A typical service at Bethany is about one hour long. It includes a time of worshiping God through singing and an encouraging message from our pastor.
  • Do you have programing for my kids?
    Yes! We have programs from birth to 4th grade at every servce. We have a 5th/6th grade and a JR High class at our 10:30a service.
  • What should I wear?
    Some people wear a t-shirt and shorts and others dress up a little more, but we believe you should come to church as you are.
  • Are there any secret handshakes or codewords I need to know?
    Nope! All are welcome and we want you to feel part of a family here at Bethany. We believe in connecting people to God, to each other, and to the world.
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